130. Still Beautiful

In Your eyes, I am beautiful.

Even in my darkest,
You’ve loved and died for me.
Even if I don’t know You too well,
the times I forget and ignore You,
still You made a way to draw me closer to You.
I was the sheep who wandered away
wandered so far it took years to be found
scarred, clothed with dirt, barely walking
You carried me,
wrapped in Your arms
at that very hour.

I pray that I can see
right through Your eyes
the way You see me.


128. Rise Up

O soul,

don’t mourn for yourself
but rejoice for another day
has added to your life.
Can’t you see the sun shines so bright,
sunlight passing through your window pane
to greet a gentle kiss of morning?
Can’t you hear the birds singing melodies?
Can’t you see the stars lit up the night sky?
Can’t you see His creation
that made you smile
when you felt like dying
but you would not
because life is too precious,
too beautiful to end?
Don’t let the enemy lure you in.
Rise up, O my soul
and wear the full armor of God
it is one of your journeys with Him
so rise up, O my soul
and walk with Him.


127. Delight in Him

Even when my hope seems lost

the fire burns out
I will find refuge
under Your wings.

Though fears break in
and pain caves in
let it all tremble
before You.

For You are the joy
amidst chaos
even with a fainted heart
I will lift up my hands.

My strength comes from You
not on what I see
O my soul, delight in the Lord
who made heaven and earth.

Delight in His unfailing love
for He has been good to you
O my soul,
trust in the Lord, your God.


119. Love Never Changes

You brought healing to my soul

the shattered pieces You restored
and life was made whole
for You’re all that I need, Lord.

My eyes may fail
nor my body frail
but all my fear and pain withdrew
let this heart continuously beat for You.

You’re sailing with me
through the oceans afar
now, I felt so free
even with these scars.

O, You are my lullaby
in Your arms I find rest
until the sun sets in west
I sleep soundly
knowing Your love never changes.